It began, she said, when I became aware that I have a supernatural sensitivity to what I take into my body. It didn't happen all at once and it's still happening. And the more sensitive I am to it, the more sensitive it is to me. I’m going to end up with a cat. You are a cat he said and examined her toes. The ivory white and red headed toes formed a chorus line and did a high kick dance. They are just toes, she said, but she had seen it too. Your imagination, she said, and he said yes, dancing toes aren't just thrown out like grit to the hens.

There was a thing she'd do and he didn't know how she did it. It was love but he was not used to being too involved, and so he experienced it as a talent she had acquired to send from herself a force that he could feel align with and amplify his body feelings. It was the force which announced that she was coming, or getting ready to go. He knew what it felt like then to be a dog, and they were two dogs playing in the kitchen. There was a long pause in the conversation and he tried to pick up the thread about what she would take into her body.

Were you always sensitive? he asked. I think so. But I didn’t have any external view of it. I just realized it, she said, one day when I felt bad. But then, I'd felt bad for so long and learned how to just accept it as normal that I didn't really feel bad anymore. In relation to what? You get used to how you feel, don't you? He agreed, you get used to how you feel and it feels okay to you. Compared to what? Compared to being in love? she asked. Does anything feel better than being in love?

There again, he said, you're back to chemical reactions.

The man and woman were traveling together if you can imagine traveling in a timeless land ... and you have to imagine it, frankly, because without time there is no space between things, no separation, like the sleeping castle waiting on a randy dandy. Nothing can move. There is a paralysis of the motor nerves and you are awake inside a dream. It's your house and your bed, but there's somebody else there. There are powerful waking dreams, of dead relatives, of being abducted by aliens, of vampires who leave you drained in the mornings and incubi and succubi who slip in by shape shifting so that they seem, at first, familiar. Is that you snookie ookums?

Whether people were on flying saucers or saw dead relatives or a daemon dropped by for bread and jam, their bodies ceased to be under the control of the will. You might try but you can't shout out, you might run but you're frozen to the ground. Bergamo reframed the experience as a booster rocket and the upward pressure against the bottoms of his feet blasted him off into space.

Bergamo was a researcher who wrote a logical interface between microscopic DNA computers and the magnetite crystals in the brain cells. There are five million magnetite crystals per gram in brain cells and twenty times that in the spinal column cells, and they align with the magnetic field of the earth, from which chemical levels are regulated in the body to control levels of consciousness. Once he could interface the DNA computers with a regulatory system, Bergamo could expand his consciousness through the media used by the system. With the magnetite crystals, the media was energy fields.

Biochemical engineering wasn’t a career for Bergamo, it was a tool he’d needed. He had no particular philosophy except for one given to him when he was eleven, by his mother’s brother, who had come to stay with them while he got on his feet. He had been in a rehabilitation program. He said, The only thing you need to remember is that life is not a joke, but it has things in common with a joke. For example, if you tell a joke, then somebody else tells a joke, you can’t follow with anything else except another joke, unless you turn over the punchbowl or something. Life’s like that, which is why so many people believe in reincarnation.

Bergamo had no idea what his uncle was talking about but it got him thinking about how things are like other things. And as he grew older he always noticed when people told jokes they had to keep telling them or they had noplace to go except into the punchbowl.

Making the right decision when you don't have experience depends on a new faculty, which developed in the human brain with the introduction of injectable DNA computers programmed to regulate consciousness through a magnetite crystal interface. Once Count Bergamo had demonstrated conscious evolution it was assumed that anyone could become like a god with injectables. But that didn’t work out. Volunteers were injected and most of them instantly lost their ego consciousness and died of shock within a day or two. Then they decided to try a clone, with the DNA computing mixed in at conception. That was me. I was mixed like a cocktail and directed by programs, but I am human, still, even if I’m not a natural born.

Bergamo had crossed a divide, and there was no way home. That was what killed people, they looked back, and it was fatal. You can't ever go back and that's the loneliest feeling in the world. Even when I sat at a piano and played it without having studied it, because it was in the data base, I was mourning what was left behind. I wasn't mourning for myself. I'm a clone. I was mourning in sympathy with Count Bergamo. "Hear that lonesome whippoorwill, he sounds too blue to fly. The midnight train is whining low, I'm so lonesome I could cry."

It's all in the data base and there is so much processing power time has gone away. We didn't need it anymore. If you want to know something, you already know it because the computer is that fast. Why wait?

I can say without fear of contradiction that I know about my own programming because I am programmed to think so. That's why I didn't know that I was a Trojan horse until the hidden program activated. I knew myself as his servant and companion.

I will say that he never treated me like he thought of me as as less than human. I was not just the protector, I was also the witness, who stored the experience of our exploration in the diamond bodies. They were more accurately magnetite crystal bodies, and we soon discovered that the universe is swarming with energy fields.

Whether or not they constitute intelligent life forms has to do with your perceptive apparatus. What's real to you is what you've got receptors to receive and processing to relate to the existing paradigm. What doesn't relate to the existing paradigm goes into a separate file, and it waits, patient and focused, for prey. The sensitizing of the receptors was what the woman was experiencing. Bergamo didn't understand her at first, that she was trying to tell him how much he was exciting her. He asked her, So do you want to be just friends? She said she hated to waste such an exquisite sensitivity. Then he began to understand that she was excluding everyone except him. When he asked why she said there was no point in trying to second guess the system program.

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