Friedman's Ghost

I was listening to the radio yesterday and there was a discussion of how the policies of Milton Friedman shaped the economic system which is now collapsing, through a belief that financial institutions have a built in moral guidance system, so that government regulations are an unnecessary burden on them. I was remembering some satire I published in the Ash Fork Series, around Milton Friedman, about four years ago. It now looks prophetic. The gigantic financial bodies created behind Friedman's economic guidance have become destructive giants out of our control.

(From 10/17/04):

Financial bodies were first described in 2004 in the book, “Freidman’s A Fairy,” by Maverick Economist Elliott Raulston. While much of the book was a vicious personal attack on Milton Friedman, motivated by his supporting unlimited military expenditure at the expense of public health, safety and education, there was one rather startling revelation:

Friedman is not a real person. He is a projection of a financial body that has nodal points in banks across the world in computerized accounts. Because the accounts have all connected up to each other, it has become possible to run them through a “brain” program that operates more or less like the Golem of Prague, and to create a nervous system composed entirely of money and computerized philosophical choices.

The Golem of Prague was created by a rabbi from river mud to do rote chores. He had the word “truth” on his forehead. To reprogram him involved only the change of one letter, transforming the word to “death.” He was mute.

The story goes that the rabbi wrote what on a piece of paper what he wanted accomplished and put it in the Golem's mouth. The Golem obeyed. As Paul thought about the story he automatically processed it as a dream.

The rabbi represented to him the literate man, and the Golem the uneducated who are given the written laws and follow them with a faith unencumbered by abstract thinking. The river was the flow of time and so the flow of both the individual’s life and of the culture’s life. The message written on the forehead, of truth or of death, is easily shifted by the magic of alphabetic process.

Paul was stunned to learn that Friedman is a Golem. He’d always heard the man’s name and while he didn’t know anything about him except that he was a Nobel Laureate economist, he also knew Nobel didn't set up a prize for economists. They were set up by the Swiss banking fraternity later on. He suspected this was a way for the Church of Money to gain respectability in the intellectual community. He read Raulston’s riveting account of the human evolution of financial bodies:

“Once a corporation was recognized as an individual under the law, with all the rights of an individual, the old gods were dead. The new gods, which men had placed above themselves and in control of their lives, were granted immortality by courts. They did this under the Fourteenth Constitutional Amendment intended to protect black slaves. With the ability to seek alliances not just with each other, but with government organizations, social organizations, religions and political parties, these new life forms began to evolve.

“It was with the release of I.N. Rand and Sons, The Right Stuff, software that there was an evolutionary spurt in what is called $omaCorps,” Raulston wrote.

“The genius feature of this software is that it provides the appearance of sophisticated processes behind a screen of menu driven choices. If it isn’t on the menu, the software defaults to what is called the conjunction menu, which relates it back to a main menu by key words. It seems complex but is basically just black and white, ones and zeros, truth and death.

“What is known as Milton Friedman is actually a software driven $omacorpse, programmed to protect the military budget and eliminate everything else. The voice is a loop.”

“Jesus,” Paul said aloud. “Cheney and Bush, Rumsfeld, they’re all $omaCorps.” He felt the urgency to kick the evolutionary process into high speed, such high speed that in terms of time, it appears to create an entirely new reality from nothing, and turns into Creationism. He reminded himself of one of his few rules defining his borders: “Energy forms transform into their opposite polarity at their extremes.” He saw the mobius loop in the energy field.

He had first assumed the $omacorpse that drained the energy from the NAC was Luther’s Golem, and under his control, but Luther was denying it. If he was telling the truth, the money wasn’t stolen. They were just saying it was stolen to cover the fact that they were converting it into a $omacorpse. If he was lying, he was the cheapest bastard in the universe, with his five thousand dollar payments for being transported to a parallel universe and established as a space colony. "I'm a fugitive," he reminded Paul. "I can't use my credit cards."

Paul shuddered. He knew the robot used by the $omacorpse wouldn’t just appear. It would be somebody who’d been there all the time, a living, breathing human being. Connections would be cut and new connections created. The system would be hacked, loops would be stored for later use, and finally the connections of love and loyalty would be transferred to the financial body and anchored to it through an associated erotic charge. It was right out of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.”

And now even the I.N. Rand and Sons software developers were beginning to worry, as the Golems became more powerful, and began to drain more and more power from the collective wealth of the people to drive their lust for larger and more powerful bodies.

Posted: Tue - November 11, 2008 at 11:51 AM