Pearl Essence

Today I tried telling a story while just noodling around on the guitar. Ash Fork is an ongoing experimentation which is now off the site, in archive. I was going to take random episodes and move them into readings, but I like it better with some continuity, so this episode follows the last one. At some point I will have the entire story together as an audio novel.

It's a process.

Today I came to the Granite Dells house, which is going to be my work space. It's been difficult because of poor cell coverage and no land line. But it has high speed internet, so I set up a Skype phone on the computer. What I didn't think about when I got wireless headphones for the Skype calls was that they play any output from the computer. I can walk around the house listening to what I'm working on. And so far I don't find any dead spots in the coverage. I can even go outside with uninterrupted signal.

I did some editing of the original episode, to let it stand alone. It's called "Pearl Essence."

Posted: Wed - January 21, 2009 at 05:37 PM