I am going to retire Stray Shot sometime in the not too distant future, and launch a new site, Cybersomatics. It will be an exploration of the soma in space, which will be an exploration for me because I have no idea really where it will take me. These two audio segments were recorded for KOWS in Occidental for next Friday night, when Arnold Levine, aka El Supremo, will be interviewing Gregory Sams, author of a new book called: "Sun of God," an exploration of the sun as the organizing consciousness underlying everything.

(Cybersomatics: Part One)

(Cybersomatics: Part Two)

P.S. Here is a site by an artist named Nikita Duncan, who paints orgasms ... in case you want to view some orgasmic art ...

Posted: Mon - June 29, 2009 at 08:04 PM