Black Mercedes

This is, as are all the Ash Fork episodes, my practice in writing spontaneously. The hardest thing about not rewriting is that the story isn't shaped with an always consistent internal logic. It's more like telling a story off the top of my head, which I began doing when my daughter was little, and I had the perfect audience. : ) These were more difficult, but an excellent mental exercise. I am editing for length and flow now that I am doing them as readings. The original Ash Fork series -- five of them -- are now in the archives.

The mental exercise involved is trying to expand the capacity of the conscious mind's attention, which normally is limited to a very short span. To write a story spanning many episodes and have any consistent line through it requires remembering, which has become something of a challenge as I get older. As my old friend Lettie says, "Maybe it's Old Timer's disease, Dan."

(Black Mercedes)

Posted: Thu - July 23, 2009 at 09:55 AM