Mon - July 27, 2009

With this Ringtone ...

... I totally screw up your morning hike ...

I took Sammy the curious dog -- and he took me -- out for our morning hike over Thumb Butte. I was on a schedule because I was meeting Victoria, for whom I serve as a glass mule (I'll explain later) to breakfast at the St. Michael Hotel at 9:30. I had an hour to get over the butte, but that's plenty of time if I don't let Sammy sniff the same bush for ten minutes. There was a ringing, or more specifically, a ring tone, in the bushes.

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Mon - July 13, 2009

Shadow Lands

Today Linda sent me a copy of this blog about a conservative blog called Free Republic, after it allowed a vicious attack from readers on 11-year-old Malia Obama, such as descriptions of her as a "common street whore," and speculation as to "... when she will get her first abortion." A complaint was lodged by a writer from the Vancover Sun doing research on the conservative movement, whereupon he was accused of "planting hate speech" and his private information provided to the readers, all of whom are allowed to keep their hoods on during their fraternal rituals.

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Wed - March 25, 2009

Postcard From the Hanging

I just read another piece trying to drum up some potential candidates for a good old fashioned lynching. I’m talking about the AIG bonuses, of course. The piece I just read was by Bob Barr, a prosecutorial kind of guy who is ferreting out a culprit. He’s one of the guys who prosecuted Clinton for lying about sex. If he prevails we'll all be in jail, because we're all pretty much alike at ground level.

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Wed - December 24, 2008

A Christmas Letter

My First Christmas Letter ...


Because I am so addicted to email I don’t send cards anymore. Pathetic but true.

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Sun - June 8, 2008

KOWS Radio

Yesterday I drove up to see Arnold and Karen in Sebastopol. Arnold has been doing a show on a local public radio station in Occidental, broadcasting as KOWS. The radio station was upstairs from where the first farmers' market of the season was underway, and a woman was being interviewed who confessed to having murdered 500 gophers. There was precious little sympathy for the gophers if Karen is representative of the women of Occidental.

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Fri - April 4, 2008


It's been a week since I've written to you, and even though I have no idea who you are, really, you can't deny that you just hit on me. It might be a quick glance and then moving back or home, or you might stay and look around. What's been gnawing on me lately is why I write when nobody's paying me for it. And I came across a passage in my current bathroom book that was relevant. The book is, "Boundaries of the Soul: The Practice of Jung's Psychology," by June Singer.

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Sat - March 29, 2008

Where's Harold?

If I wait until I have time to write I'll not post again for days, so I'm dashing off a post while waiting for the raspberry sherbet to coalesce. I just made a pot of grits for the grandchildren -- four of them -- because they were still hungry after a healthy meal of peas, green beans, artichokes and elk sausage. I'm not trying to make them turn green; some of them like peas and some green beans. The elk sausage disappeared fast. I got drawn for elk this year. I told my daughter. She was appalled.

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Tue - February 5, 2008

Wild Palms

Outside my window, at the Needles, California, Best Western, the palm trees are getting hysterical from a westerly wind. I am going to drive into that wind in a little while, I hope. Stephen is driving from Prescott, bringing my pickup on a car hauler. He's going to pick up the Saab. It has turned out to be one of those used cars that is visited on us from disgruntled ancestors.

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Sat - January 12, 2008

Bates Motel

At first the guy seemed pretty normal, Ginny said. She's trying to find a place to rent in San Francisco that takes pets. She's got a cat and a pug dog. Our daughter is in San Francisco, now, so Ginny has moved back to the city after being away for a few years. She was prepared for its being difficult to find a place to rent, but she wasn't prepared for George, who puts up a "for rent" sign to troll for innocents.

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Wed - January 2, 2008

Not Without My Handbag

If the child were from an earlier time she might have called it a handbag instead of a purse. I only use handbag because "Not Without my Handbag" is the title of a short claymation feature, by Nick Park, which is a great example of dark humor, and I wanted to link you to it. The child is in contemporary America, at the bottom of Thumb Butte which we have climbed and descended, and she has a look of terrible concern. "Where's my purse?" I am looking up at the butte, knowing that wherever the purse is, it's going to be uphill.

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Fri - December 28, 2007

Turning Sixty With Mr. Eddy

Yesterday I turned sixty, probably about five a.m. I was nestled in bed with Linda at the La Posada Lodge in Winslow, having received as a gift from her a "Fossil" watch, and a card: "Marriage means commitment. So does insanity." A watch named "Fossil" may or may not be a snide thing to give a man entering old age. Luckily I received it after an incredibly good meal which included a whiskey introduction and featured a fine Oregon pinot with a Churro lamb plate. It combined in my digestive system sometime in the early morning hour of my birth to put me into a direct confrontation with Mr. Eddy.

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Wed - December 12, 2007


Last night about eleven I got a call from a young guy from whom I bought a guitar a year or two ago. "You said if I ever wanted to buy it back to give you a call," he said. I didn't remember that but in any case I told him I gave the guitar to my daughter. "Now I feel embarrassed to have called you," he said. I told him it was fine, and that I would ask my daughter if she wanted to sell it. I didn't even think she liked it that much.

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Sat - December 1, 2007

World Aids Day

This morning the blowing rain woke me up. The sun was so tired by the time it penetrated the clouds a dull nod of recognition was the best it could manage, and there was a steady tick of the dog's tail against the bed; he always knows when I'm awake. This morning I had to be resigned to his climbing into the bed after we left because he does that when he doesn't even get a walk around the block. "He can't help it," Linda said. He looked at me and we winked at the same time.

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Sun - November 4, 2007

Sunday Drive

One thing about heat is that it sucks the water out of everything, including people. In the mile high city of Prescott, Arizona, it was bordering on being too hot today when we went out into the woods to walk Sammy the dog. As we drove out Thumb Butte Road, past the Butte and onto the loop road posted as "primitive," we were surprised to see that so many of the dead trees, destroyed by bark beatles, haven't yet been cleared, even the ones right beside the road. In the distance we saw the plume of smoke rising from the Ash Creek fire, being fed by similar dead trees.

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Tue - October 30, 2007

Furby Christmas

Back here where the Furbies grow
Back here in electric snow
Phantom power comes and goes
and all I hear is Christmas coming on,
I think I'll write a Christmas song ...

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Fri - October 26, 2007

External Storage

The last time Arnold and I talked the subject was external storage. Linda had turned me onto an article by a guy who didn't find a thing wrong with losing his memory for trivial detail, because he was wired to external storage where he could retrieve it. He said internal storage has become increasingly unimportant as we get wirelessly connected into the network. But as we increasingly connect to the network, do we give up more and more privacy?

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Wed - October 17, 2007

Just Trying to Be Positive

At the studio, Clay questions the existence of secret powers. Arnold gives him legitimate cover, as it is always his habit to be positive. He's so uplifting he looks like he's about to take off, like a rocket ship, or else like his body has memorized the repetitive motion of a kid trying to reach the cookie jar on an ever higher shelf. Jim is thinking, "Why do I attract conspiracy theorists?" Dan provides the anarchist (this has nothing to do with the anti-Christ) perspective on society, heaves a Lenny Bruce bomb and then escapes into the sanctuary of a Rabbi joke.

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Fri - October 12, 2007

Suspicious Minds

"What if a swarthy person is suspected of knowing where an atomic bomb is hidden. Should he, or she, be tortured, just in case?
(a) No, but enhanced interrogation is okay
(b) Innocence is relative and she's not a relative
(c) Does anyone have a pair of pliers?
(d) What's an oud?

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Fri - September 21, 2007


Today I started delving into "Transformations of the Psyce: The Symbolic Alchemy of the Splendor Solis," by Joseph L. Henderson and Dyane N. Sherwood. I knew Dr. Henderson when he was in his nineties, and I was privileged to be accepted by him into analysis. He normally worked only with somebody who had been through analysis, which I had not. I had an interest in him as a mentor, and when he asked me what I expected to get I said, "I want to strain my thinking through yours and get rid of the dross."

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Wed - September 19, 2007

Charley's Birds

I've known Charley Stough since I was 22, and worked on his weekly newspaper as a writer and photographer. He served as a mentor as well as a good friend, but after he moved to Dayton, Ohio, we lost touch for many years. He reconnected through the blog, and, as it turns out, has become an artist. Below the fold is "Frigatebird." He writes, "... if it had any other name I wouldn't need to paint him."

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